’76 Seconds of History

Produced by the Friends of Washington Crossing Park, these 76-second videos pack the most relevant aspects of the crossing and Washington Crossing Historic Park into just a little over a minute. In each video, host Matt answers a key question related to the crossing, the park, or the Continental Army’s time in Bucks County.

What’s a Durham boat?

In this video, Matt discusses the boats used by General Washington’s troops during the crossing.

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How Accurate is the “Washington Crossing the Delaware” Painting?

Matt explores some of the historical inaccuracies in one of the most iconic paintings of all time.

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Where Did Washington Stay Before He Crossed the Delaware?

Peek inside McConkey’s Ferry Inn, built on the location where Washington wrote of his intent to cross the Delaware on December 25, 1776.

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What If Washington Hadn’t Crossed the Delaware?

We all know that Washington and over 2,000 of his soldiers crossed the Delaware on Christmas in 1776…but what might have happened if they didn’t?

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Did Washington Use Bowman’s Hill Tower?

Washington’s troops may have needed high ground to watch for enemy troops. Was Bowman’s Hill Tower that lookout point?

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Who Is Buried at the Soldiers’ Graves?

No soldiers were killed during the Crossing, but many soldiers died in Bucks County from exposure, illness or previous injuries. The Soldiers’ Graves marks their final resting place.

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