Sponsor a Sheep

While Washington Crossing Historic Park may be closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 12 sheep at the Thompson-Neely Farmstead still need to eat and still require care.

In addition to foraging 8-12 pounds of grass and plants every day, each sheep needs supplies like hay, grain, and supplemental minerals. They also require veterinary care, medications, fresh straw bedding, and the loving attention of the park’s farmstead manager, Ross.

You can help us defray these costs by sponsoring a sheep.

Meet Our Sheep

All of Washington Crossing Historic Park’s sheep are heritage breeds that were raised for centuries before modern-day industrial agriculture. Breeds were cultivated over time to keep the animals well-adjusted to their environments.

The sheep raised in colonial America were mainly British breeds, which is what you’ll find at the Thompson-Neely Farmstead. Six of them are Leicester Longwools, a breed that Washington kept in his flock at Mount Vernon. These sheep have long, durable, lustrous wool. The other sheep consist of Dorsets, a Cotswold, a Doll/Southdown mix, and a Hampshire/Shropshire mix.

Hover over each sheep’s photo to see its name and description.

Sponsor a Sheep

To sponsor a sheep, select the sheep you’d like to support and choose the number of weeks you’d like to support him or her.

Sponsorship is $50 per sheep per week. All donors will receive a personal thank-you note from your sheep.