Each year, hundreds of volunteers contribute more than 4,000 hours to the educational and public programs here at Washington Crossing Historic Park.

There are countless volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and experience levels. For most roles, no experience is necessary, but if you have a special interest or talent, we’ll find a role for you!

Email volunteer@washingtoncrossingpark.org or call 215-493-4076 to volunteer your time at Washington Crossing Historic Park.

Animal Care

Assist with the feeding and care of the Thompson-Neely Farmstead sheep and goats
Time commitment: Weekly 1-hour shifts starting at 1 PM
What you’ll do:

  • Refresh water tanks
  • Fill feeder with hay
  • Feed grain to certain animals on diets
  • Herd animals within the barn and enclosed pastures
  • Spend time observing the animals to make sure all are active and alert and report any issues to the farmstead manager

What you need:

  • Footwear appropriate for a barnyard with mud/manure
  • No heavy lifting is required, but a comfort level around larger animals is a plus

Fife & Drum Corps

Create vibrant historical music for park events in the fellowship of other musicians 

Time commitment: 2 of 4 monthly practices on Wednesday and Saturdays, plus participation in at least 4 of the park’s major events

What you’ll do:

  • Provide signals and period music at park events and occasional local parades
  • Practice and memorize music outside of monthly group practices

What you need:

  • Musicians must be at least 10 years old
  • Period clothing will be provided if needed
  • Student instruments (drum practice pads, sticks, PVC fifes) will be provided if needed
  • Wooden fifes may be purchased if desired
  • Rope tension drums and other equipment will be kept at and maintained by the park

Learn more about the park’s Fife & Drum Corps


Help maintain our historically-accurate gardens at the Thompson-Neely House, the Hibbs House, and elsewhere

Time commitment: As needed from May through October (can be scheduled for a weekly shift)

What you’ll do:

  • Weed, water, plant, and harvest period-accurate flowers/herbs
  • Perform occasional light maintenance of fences and garden beds
  • Interact with park guests and discuss the uses and history of kitchen garden plants
  • Clean all tools and return them to storage in a neat and orderly fashion
  • Enjoy physical exercise, time in the sun, and education on the historic horticulture

What you need:

  • Ability to lift, bend, kneel and use garden tools
  • Personal pair of garden gloves (all other tools are provided)
  • Weather-appropriate and guest-appropriate clothing that can get dirty
  • Durable, waterproof footwear that can get dirty


Demonstrate an aspect of colonial life for members of the public

Time commitment: Varies (can be occasional for public events, or regularly for school field trips)

What you’ll do:

  • Demonstrate an aspect of colonial life, such as blacksmithing (prior experience required), open hearth cooking, candle-dipping, quill pen writing or musket firing
  • If you’re helping with a field trip, assist with check-in, gift shop and crowd control

What you need:

  • Period clothing (can be provided by the park if needed)
  • Ability to review educational materials prior to events

Meet a volunteer who provides historical interpretation

Special Events

Help us run special Living History events and fundraisers

Time commitment: Monthly 3-hour shifts (February through December)

What you’ll do:

  • Set up and break down special events
  • Help sell tickets or man check-in tables
  • Help with kids’ activities, parking, crowd control, or other duties as needed
  • Events include Washington’s birthday party, Spring and Fall Brewfest, Independence Day, Wine on the Waterfront, Autumn Market & Encampment, and the First Crossing and Christmas Day Crossing Reenactments

Thompson-Neely Farmstead Field Hand

Cultivate crops at the Thompson-Neely Farmstead and Grist Mill

Time commitment: 2- or 3-hour shifts, year-round

What you’ll do:

  • Prepare the field, plant, and harvest crops
  • Rake and mound earth, sow seeds, hoe weeds
  • Harvest crops and thresh/winnow grain
  • Maintain the farm and equipment as needed

What you need:

  • Ability to perform light physical labor (all ability levels are welcome)
  • Proper attire for outdoor work

Tour Guide

Serve as a docent for educational groups and walk-in visitors 

Time commitment: Weekly 3-hour shifts

What you’ll do:

  • Provide tours for visitors to the Historic Village and the Thompson-Neely House and Gristmill

What you need:

  • Ability to train and receive certification prior to leading tours (requires studying interpretive guides, taking tours, and giving test tours)

Visitor Services

Help guests experience everything Washington Crossing Historic Park has to offer

Time commitment: Weekly 3-hour shifts

What you’ll do:

  • Provide information and answer questions in the Visitor Center
  • Answer phones in the Visitor Center
  • Assist with opening and closing procedures
  • Perform light housekeeping and related tasks as requested

Meet a volunteer who goes above and beyond at the Visitor Center