Late July 2021

Renovations continue at several sites around Washington Crossing Historic Park.

The Historic Village

Renovations to the houses along Route 532 have now expanded to the Fredrick Taylor House (the pink house on the corner) and Elmer Buckman House (next to the pink house). Windows in those houses have been removed and the stucco is coming off. Work continues on the other buildings, with several new windows recently going in.

Trenches will soon be dug and new water lines installed throughout the Taylorsville area. This will allow the plumbing in the Taylorsville buildings and the Washington pavilion restroom to function again.

The period-style fencing has been removed from around the Hibbs House to allow work to begin on that building.

Bowman’s Hill Tower

Road and parking lot paving will begin this week. It is expected that the work will require the tower to possibly be closed through October 1.

Other Areas

Masonry work on the stone gateway by the Visitor Center flagpole has been completed. The stone and mortar have been beautifully restored. Work continues on the stone gateway located on Route 532.

Foundation excavation work and masonry repair continues at the Thompson-Neely House.

Early July 2021

The Historic Village

The General Store and other Taylorsville buildings along Route 532 continue to be renovated. Most of the exterior stucco has been removed because it is damaged, which can lead to moisture penetration and harm to the underlying structure. This stucco will be replaced as renovations move forward. Seeing these buildings without the stucco is a rare chance to view their original stonework, which remains in relatively good condition.

In addition, all windows in the Rt. 532 buildings have been removed and will be replaced in the near future. Trench/foundation work and plumbing has begun at the Hibbs House.

The Thompson-Neely House

Foundation excavation work and masonry repair has begun at the Thompson-Neely House.

Other Areas

Work continues on the Washington pavilion and the stone gateways located on River Road and Route 532. Stonework and mortar on these gateways is being repaired and/or replaced. Repaving of the road leading to Bowman’s Hill Tower has not begun yet but will do so shortly.


June 2021

A man works in front of a historic building, which has boarded-up windows while undergoing maintenance.
Renovations have begun at several sites around Washington Crossing Historic Park!

The Historic Village

The General Store and other Taylorsville buildings along Route 532 are being renovated (pictured above). Windows have been removed and will be replaced and stucco has been removed in several areas to test the underlying stone.

Bowman’s Hill Tower

The road leading to Bowman’s Hill Tower will be repaved in the near future.

Other Areas

The General Washington Pavilion and the stone gates at River Road and Route 532 (pictured) are undergoing maintenance.


May 2021

Eleven historic buildings and numerous modern-day structures at Washington Crossing Historic Park (PA) will soon undergo a major rehabilitation thanks to $8.7 million from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The project is slated to kick off in the next few weeks and take about a year and a half to complete.

“This certainly signals the start of a long-awaited and strongly supported transformation at Washington Crossing Historic Park, one that reflects the work of so many toward a shared, common goal,” said DCNR Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn.

The 11 buildings include McConkey’s Ferry Inn, Thompson-Neely House, and many of the structures in the Taylorsville village. Areas being addressed include new roofs, new windows, plastering and painting exteriors, and internal plumbing and electrical work.

The project also includes renovating and reopening restrooms near the Washington Pavilion and repaving the road to Bowman’s Hill Tower.

All work on the buildings will be done using historic preservation methods. The company overseeing the project has experience preserving period buildings at other historic sites, including Pennsbury Manor.

“Washington Crossing Historic Park is one of the most significant historic sites in our state and its situation along the Delaware River makes it a gem in our state park system,” said State Senator Steve Santarsiero. “The restoration of these buildings will help the Friends of Washington Crossing Park continue their incredible work highlighting the story of the crossing and lifting up the park as a tourist destination.”

The project, which has faced several delays over the years, became the focus of coordinated efforts between Sen. Santarsiero and the Friends of Washington Crossing. Sen. Santarsiero has worked with both the state Department of General Services (DGS) and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) to get the project back on track.

In addition to preserving these historic structures, the project will create more usable space for the park and the Friends group. Plans call for the Friends to use the Mahlon Taylor House as their headquarters while other buildings will house an environmental center and classroom space for visiting schoolchildren. The long-closed Taylorsville Store may also reopen to sell food and a variety of “Made in PA” items.