Washington Crossing Historic Park is proud to educate students and the general public about the story of General George Washington’s daring crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas night 1776 and interpret its ongoing impact on world history for today’s citizens and future generations. The educational resources provided on this website are designed to support further exploration into the crossing and the Ten Crucial Days.

Funding is available to offset program costs for schools receiving Title I funding. Free and reduced admission is available based on need and availability of funding. We encourage you to apply early in the school year in order to take advantage of this program. For more information, please email

Hands-On Resources

Passport to History

Fill out a Passport to History by visiting all four of the Ten Crucial Days sites (Washington Crossing Historic Park of PA, Washington Crossing State Park of NJ, the Old Barracks in Trenton, and the Princeton Battlefield). Learn more about our area’s rich history and enjoy our gorgeous parks! Those who fill their passport can win prizes, including Revolutionary War coloring books, free drink coupons from Wawa and free ice cream coupons at Uncle Ed’s Creamery in Pennington, NJ.

Camp in a Box

Each Camp in a Box kit contains supplies and instructions for more than 20 history-themed activities that students (ages 7-12) can do at home. The activities are designed for a single user but can be adapted to accommodate multiple children or an entire classroom with additional supplies. Camp in a Box is available for $25 for in-person pickup at Washington Crossing Historic Park’s gift shop. Domestic shipping is an additional $10.95.

History Chests

History Chests are perfect for schools, homeschool pods, libraries, scout troops, and other student groups. These themed trunks can be rented by teachers and other educators to facilitate in-person, hands-on programming for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Chests are available for $45 for one week and can be picked up at Washington Crossing Historic Park’s gift shop.

Field Trips

Washington Crossing Historic Park makes the perfect site for an educational (and fun!) field trip. The park offers dedicated Colonial Days that are specially designed for students of all ages. During a field trip, students rotate through stations, spending 15 minutes at each stop to learn about life in colonial America and Washington’s crossing of the Delaware.

Digital Resources

Virtual Lessons

Adapted from our most popular in-person educational experiences, our new virtual Zoom lessons are led by park historical interpreters. They’re compatible with in-person, partially-remote, and fully-remote classrooms. Cost is $45 for each lesson.

Camp Followers Digital Experience

This digital experience is designed for students in grades 5th-8th. By the end, you’ll understand the important role played by the people who traveled to encampments and worked for the Continental and British armies.

Lesson Plans

Bring Washington Crossing Historic Park to your classroom! Our educators have developed more than a dozen free lesson plans for teachers of elementary school students.


Give young historians a tactile experience of colonial history! These free downloads will help your children or students play colonial games, make a cocked hat, make Johnnycakes, and more.

The Constitution Compendium

The Constitution Compendium is a collection of educational resources and information about the United States Constitution. These materials can help classrooms celebrate Constitution Day, the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution on September 17, 1787.

’76 Seconds of History Videos

Explore Washington Crossing Historic Park and colonial history…in 76 seconds! These short videos are perfect for classroom use before or after a lesson on Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River or life in colonial America.

Our Blog

Washington Crossing Historic Park’s blog is a great place to learn about various aspects of colonial life and the Christmas night crossing. We’re always sharing something new!