Washington Crossing Historic Park is proud to educate students and the general public about the story of General George Washington’s daring crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas Night 1776 and interpret its ongoing impact on world history for today’s citizens and future generations. The educational resources provided on this website are designed to support further exploration into the crossing and the Ten Crucial Days.

Lesson Plans

Bring Washington Crossing Historic Park to your classroom! Our educators have developed more than a dozen lesson plans for teachers of elementary school students.

Field Trips

Washington Crossing Historic Park makes the perfect site for an educational (and fun!) field trip. The park offers dedicated Colonial Days that are specially designed for students of all ages.

During a field trip, students rotate through stations, spending 15 minutes at each stop to learn about life in colonial America and Washington’s crossing of the Delaware.

’76 Seconds of History Videos

Explore Washington Crossing Historic Park and colonial history…in 76 seconds! These short videos are perfect for classroom use before or after a lesson on Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River or life in colonial America.