Plan Your Visit

Just as General Washington planned and prepared to cross the river. Modern visitors would do well to do the same, there is a bevy of things to do in and around Washington Crossing Historic Park, and having a plan will allow you to see and visit more. We recommend the following steps to ensure you have the best possible experience at the park and your stay in the area.

1. Look at the Map of the park and decide what sites you want to visit

Getting the lay of the land, and deciding where you want to go is a necessary foundation to any good visit.

2. Pick the date(s) and time(s) you want to visit and compare them with the tour calendar

Certain tours at the park are only available at certain times and seasonally ensure that what you want to do is available on the day you want to do it.

3. Purchase your tour tickets online

Tickets can be conveniently purchased ahead of time online, if plans change, no worries, we can move your tickets to another date or time, at no additional charge

4.  Plan other parts of your visit

There is plenty to do in the local area; delicious Food, fascinating historic sites and cozy Bed and Breakfasts. Our Local Amenities page lists some of them out. You can choose which ones you’d like to check out and go to their websites from that page.

5. Enjoy!

You should now have a solid plan to visit the park and Bucks County, PA. All that is left to do is execute your plan. We will be looking forward to your visit!