Next Book Club Pick: Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier

October 19th, 2018 News and Events

The Washington Crossing Historic Park book club wrapped up discussion of David Hackett Fischer’s Washington’s Crossing—so it’s time to start the next book!

If you haven’t participated in the park’s free book club yet, now is a great time to jump in. Book club meetings are a fun and engaging way to deepen your knowledge about the Revolutionary War.

Starting November 19 at 5:30 PM, the book club will discuss Joseph Plumb Martin’s A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier.

Joseph Plumb Martin was a soldier in the Continental Army and Connecticut Militia during the Revolutionary War. For most of the war, he held the rank of private. His narrative of his experiences was re-discovered in the 1950s and is a key source of information for historians looking to better understand the conditions endured by common soldiers of the era.

This meeting will cover the Introduction and chapters “1776” and “1777.” Any edition of the book is acceptable, and participants need not be historians or experts on the Revolutionary War.

To learn more about the book club, please call 215-493-4076.