In the Bookstore: The Road to Assunpink Creek

June 23rd, 2019 On Our Shelves

Reviewed by Tom Maddock, Historical Interpreter at Washington Crossing Historic Park

David Price has put together a wonderful account of the Second Battle of Trenton in his new book, The Road to Assunpink Creek. It presents the details of a battle that doesn’t get as much press as the others.

David lays out the details in an engaging and understandable way. He has organized those details in an easy-flowing style and makes the story come alive with his wonderful writing. He makes it easy to understand and appreciate the heroics of the Battle of Assunpink Creek.

David has drawn details from renowned authorities to present a clear and understandable account of this important part of the “Ten Crucial Days” of the American Revolution. Readers will understand why this event was so crucial to General Washington’s overall strategy. Had the American effort failed at Assunpink Creek, the British and their Hessians allies were in a position to wipe out the struggling Continental Army. David presents an in-depth explanation as to how, and which of, Washington’s trusted lieutenants were able to implement his overall battle plan.

For those interested in the Revolutionary War, this book is well worth reading. You will find it easy to read while being enjoyable and educational.