Staff Spotlight: Alex Robb

December 20th, 2023 Staff Spotlights


Alex Robb was hired in January of 2024 as a full-time Interpretive Program Specialist to assist with the design and implementation of new educational programs that highlight the park’s unique military history as FWCP continues to prepare for the upcoming Semiquincentennial celebration. This position was funded through generous support from the Philadelphia Funder Collaborative for the Semiquincentennial.

Alex has always been interested in history, as his mother is a history teacher and his grandfather also used to take him to reenactments and historical sites. He’s been a historical reenactor for the past six years, participating in programs at Washington Crossing Historic Park on a volunteer basis. In addition to The Annual Crossing Reenactments, he’s also helped with the site’s annual Memorial Day Program and field trip programs. In 2021 Alex graduated from The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) with a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Education.

Much of Alex’s new role will focus on designing and expanding interpretive programs for both the general public and school students. Each year the park hosts just under 10,000 school-aged children from over 150 local schools. “Something I’d love to work on is bringing our programs to schools. There are a lot of schools that struggle with budgets and getting kids out of the classroom, so I would love to be able to bring the park to schools. I would also love to come up with programs for different age ranges and incorporate what teachers are trying to get out of their lessons.”

What makes Alex the most excited about this job is being able to share knowledge with people. “I have a degree in education and taught for a little while in a K-12 system, so I really like talking with people of all ages from different backgrounds about their interest in the Revolution. Whether it’s The Crossing or not, I like regularly making those types of connections when people are excited or surprised by what they’re learning. Reenacting isn’t just firing a musket, it’s engaging with the public by hearing their questions, sharing experiences, and seeing their reactions.”

Previously, Alex worked on a farm and considers himself to be an outdoorsy person. He loves agriculture, gardening, hiking, fishing, and being outside. In addition, he works with his local historical society in Hamilton Township NJ as a trustee and travels to historic sites for day trips.