Staff Spotlight: Danielle Gress

January 31st, 2022 News and Events

Living right down the road from Washington Crossing Historic Park, Danielle fell in love with history when she was just a child. “I remember thinking, ’one day I will work here’,” she shares. We’re thrilled she has made that dream a reality!

As Grant Manager for the Friends of Washington Crossing Park, Danielle oversees grant writing and project management. She also works closely with Katherine Manning, our Development Coordinator.

Danielle holds bachelor’s degrees from the University of Pittsburgh in history, anthropology, and archeology. She also has a master’s in museum studies from the University of Oklahoma. Ironically, her undergraduate history capstone was done on George Washington’s leadership, his positive impact on his troops, and the crossing, making Danielle a perfect match for our park!

“My work makes it possible for things to happen at the park,” she says “For example, our recent campaign to replace flagpoles was a difficult project to complete. So being able to fundraise, put together an appeal, and earn the funding to make this project happen–especially at the soldiers’ graves—makes my job fulfilling. Connecting with our members who are so passionate about history is wonderful—they’re a great group of people.”

When she’s not diving into history and developing the park, Danielle is slaying dragons and taking on quests with her husband—both avid gamers. She balances her time on the PC with an abundance of outdoor activities with her daughter. A long-time softball star and scholarship recipient, Danielle puts her passion to work as a pitching coach and softball instructor.