Experience American History

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Bitterly cold weather. Demoralized troops. Retreat after retreat. General George Washington needed a win—for his troops and for the new nation. Without it, the Revolutionary War could have ended in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Against all odds, Washington hatched a bold plan. On December 25, 1776, Washington and 2,400 of his troops crossed the ice-choked Delaware River under cover of darkness and recaptured the city of Trenton, which was occupied by enemy forces. In doing so, he reignited the cause of freedom and breathed new life into the Revolutionary War.

This summer, go back in time and visit the site where Washington saved the Revolution.

Tour Historic Buildings

McConkey Ferry Inn in Washington Crossing, PA

Step inside the Thompson-Neely House and the McConkey Ferry Inn, located in Bucks County since Washington’s era. Other Historic Village buildings include a blacksmith shop, a general store and 19th century homes. These buildings offer clues about life for rural Pennsylvanians in the 19th century. Your tour guide will explain who lived and worked in the numerous Historic Village buildings.

Travel Back in Time to the Revolutionary Era


As you walk tour the historic buildings at Washington Crossing Historic Park, you’ll learn what life was like for soldiers and civilians during the Revolutionary War. Your tour guide will explain how a typical Pennsylvania farmstead operated and how sick wounded Revolutionary War soldiers were treated. You can also meet heritage breed goats and sheep and tour a newly restored grist mill, which once ground local corn and wheat.

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Bucks County

Washington Crossing Historic Park is nestled in scenic lower Bucks County, PA. While you’re visiting, climb to the top of Bowman’s Hill Tower and enjoy a stunning 14-mile view of Bucks County from 125 feet in the air. The tower commemorates a possible look-out point used by General Washington during the Revolutionary War.

Plan Your Visit Today

Washington Crossing Historic Park (PA) welcomes visitors every day from 10 AM to 4 PM. Park maps are available at the Visitor Center or on our website.

Visitors may purchase a multi-site ticket at any of the three main park areas:

  • Visitor Center and Historic Village: 1112 River Road, Washington Crossing, PA 18977
  • Thompson-Neely Farmstead and Grist Mill: 1638 River Road, New Hope, PA 18938
  • Bowman’s Hill Tower: 1 Tower Road, New Hope, PA 18938